How to do pricing?

a) You may call us and learn how to calculate. (Contact)

b) You can make your own discoveries. (Please continue reading ..)

The company will be Google capture how must withdraw sums up in these words: both the point of the shooting should see each other must (1) 5 meters if we are to place between these points, we are driving to the lane space must be less than 10 meters (2) And this is the route most normal for any be walking path (3)

Each point is 1 stage we place the tripod. This stage of the (points) number will determine the total cost of the shots. Do a little calculation on-scene that made a few shots in your business with Google and your instructions you need to do to tell us the number you get.

That's why in the first place all businesses needs to make this important decision:

1. Is it my business all the scenes I'm getting full shooting scene?

2- (which in this case would be too much the number of scenes for some businesses and will increase along with the cost.) Are not all of my business, but I will make a shooting on the most reasonable number of a route to get out of the above rules?

Determine your own basic strategy before with what you read so far and you can calculate how many scenes you can grind your business you'll make shots accordingly.

The rest is staying with us you get the quote you a message or phone.


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