• What is Google Business View ?

    Google Search and Google Maps with Street View imagery interior virtual tour of businesses using Google or VR glasses are enriched presentation technology that enables the visit as if she was there with.

  • Who can take the business interior images?

    Google Trusted Professionals about it serves . Our company is located in the Trusted Professionals list.

  • Who can benefit ?

    Anyone wishing to introduce this technology with the Google Search and Google Maps business . Real estate for sale or rent in all locations outside the physical can be introduced with this system. Real estate professional virtual tours , photo and video services they can get from

  • What is a Virtual Tour ?

    Virtual tour , venue, special photographic techniques to complement each other with scenes photo shoot carried out, which was drafted by passing through various post pruductio software , The simulation was meant to give a sense of space to the user. This simulation then various multimedia image can be enhanced with sound effects or text. With Virtual Reality technology it may also be compatible.

  • I decided to take the service. What should I do?

    You should contact the Google Trusted Professionals. However, Google My Business ( My Business ) should Subscribe . And do you confirm that you record. Businesses have someone else confirm your registration and your registration may be already orphaned. Click here for the rules for what to do .. Click here to submit your business in Google ..

    * Note. All of us for a free consultation te alabilmekt this process here . In addition, we can perform in a few days instead of 15 days if you register your website.

    Then simply calculate the number of scenes shot with your business . Click here for the method of calculating the number of shooting scene.

  • What is a Shooting Scene ?

    Shooting camera tripod of ( the foot ) refers to placing each in a separate section where the 360-degree shots. Each chapter is a separate 360-degree look around you in the virtual tour.

    * The company will be Google capture how must withdraw sums up in these words: both the point of the shooting should see each other must (1) These points ( scenes) if we are to cross space of 3 meters , we are driving to the lane space must be less than 6 meters (2) And this route any must be the one for normal walking path (3)

  • still it did not occur on an idea that I should make a few scenes shot?

    Please read our how-to page pricing. Or please contact us.

  • Do you provide services throughout Turkey ?

    Now we serve the provinces of Istanbul, Ankara , Izmir and Antalya is. In addition , the number of scenes shot 20 and older We bring service to every province in Turkey. Do not worry if you count the shooting scene outside the province and the services we provide under 20 . Make your application and registration. As soon as demand exceeds the number of 20 scenes from your province we can deliver services to you.

  • What should I look for before shooting ?

    The first location to be shot in preparation for shooting , must be made ​​available . It must create a clean and tidy place and you should choose a time to maximum benefit from the light of day in lighting . Interior lighting device that runs the venue is important. To be made in the open air shooting out of the air space should be without precipitation.

  • I profesyoneliy property . Can I get the service Google Business View for my portfolio ?

    Googl Business View feature can not provide services for the real estate portfolio . We çekebilmekt under this service only REAL ESTATE OFFICE's

    Alone, 5 years our company already offers a virtual tour service for real estate professionals as I . To use this service you must first create your subscription by institutional membership entry. As you can upload all of your portfolio by taking one of the packages we have created for you on our website with enhanced opportunities for portfolio you wish , you can request a virtual tour reservation shooting during input your portfolio. Our site will guide you appropriately.

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